What is Turnitin?

  • Turnitin is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that helps check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against the world's largest comparison database.

How does it work?

  • Students submit their electronic documents to the link provided by instructor. The submitted work is checked against the largest academic database and Internet.
  • Instructors view the paper in its original format.
  • Turnitin shows how much of the student's paper matches content from our databases so instructors can quickly understand how much of the paper is unoriginal.
  • Unoriginal content is highlighted and color-coded, and the original source appears with the percentage of content originating from that source.
  • Control what information appears in your Originality Report by filtering out bibliographic, quoted or small match sizes.

The Turnitin Direct is integrated with Blackboard - no separate user account is needed.

Find the Turnitin Direct Assignment under Assessments drop-down menu in your Blackboard course.

The Turnitin plug-in provides a more Blackboard-like experience for delivering Turnitin Originality Checking and GradeMark services.

  • Allows access to Turnitin OriginalityCheck and GradeMark (not PeerMark) without having to leave the Blackboard environment or log into Turnitin directly.
  • Turnitin OriginalityCheck and GradeMark are integrated into the standard Blackboard user interface, alongside other Blackboard components.
add Turnitin Direct Assignment in Blacboard

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