Continuity of Learning for Students

I. Getting started and locating your course online:

  1. Prepare your computer for Blackboard in order for you to be able to utilize all the features available with your online course. Visit the Office of Distance of Education and Learning Technologies Blackboard Technical Requirements page for information on how to get your computer prepared, read all the Steps to Prepare Your Computer for Blackboard.
  2. Locate the Bb version of your course by opening up a browser and navigating to the TAMUCC Blackboard website (
    Log in using your Island ID information. (your User ID and Password that you use to log onto a campus computer or Islander email) Locate your course/s in the list of courses in which you are enrolled and click on the title to open.  If you have any difficulty logging into Blackboard, contact the Help Desk at

II. Guides to help you navigate Blackboard and use tools in your course.

  1. The Blackboard Learn Environment: Your instructor may post announcements in your Blackboard course to keep you informed of the process of continuing your course online.  Follow this tutorial to get started . Reassure your students that they can continue learning by logging into your course at Once they are logged into Blackboard, they can locate your course in the course listing and continue learning.
  2. Sending messages and email: Your instructor may use Blackboard's communication tools to keep in contact with you using the email and messaging feature in Blackboard.  
  3. Using the Content Editor: Many of the tools in Blackboard utilize the content editor, which is a word-processing tool similar to MS Word.  The tutorial below shows the features of the content editor.
  4. Participating in Class Using Blackboard Interactive Tools: Blackboard’s interactive tools involve students in class discussions and other forms of interactions to help promote learning.
  5. Assignments: Your instructor may use Blackboard’s assignment tool to create activities and have you submit it within Blackboard to be graded and recorded into the gradebook.
  6. Tests:  Blackboard’s assessment tool may be used to create quizzes and exams to be graded and recorded into the gradebook.