Banner Photo Roster

Starting Spring 2019, faculty will have access to class photo rosters in S.A.I.L. under Faculty Self Service.

In addition to student photos, faculty can also view:
  • Course details
  • Enrollment
  • Catalog information
  • Degrees/certifications associated with a student
  • Student profile
  • Student's
    • Academic transcript
    • Semester schedule
    • Week at a Glance
    • Degree Plan

To access the Banner photo roster:

  1. Log into S.A.I.L.
  2. Select the Faculty Self Service tab
  3. Locate and click the "Class Roster" link
  4. Select the term to view list of courses
  5. Click on the course number to view the photo roster
A user guide is available to help navigate the tool.

This will be a big help for faculty in my department, and across campus...I also appreciate the wealth of information that can be accessed from the student dashboard when you click on a student’s entry on the roster. Being able to quickly see where students are at in a class without having to look up students individually, is a plus too. I would strongly support the rollout of this feature for faculty use.

Joshua C. Watson, Ph.D.
Professor and Interim Department Chair
Counseling and Educational Psychology