Community of Practice: Digital Learning Innovation

About the CoP: Digital Learning Innovation

Communities of Practice (CoP) bring together groups of people who share a passion for something they know how to do and provide opportunities for regular interactions to share, learn and innovate.

At TAMU-CC, the CoP for Digital Learning & Innovation is designed to provide a productive networking model for faculty members to work together in a meaningful way to discuss and share ideas and build successful community-focused solutions. The CoP will focus on compelling projects with clear milestones and deliverables to help faculty develop solutions, best practices, and strategic resources to enable and support teaching and learning innovation. CoP: DLI members will also provide input about current and future projects to help grow TAMU-CC’s culture of innovation.

Participation in the CoP: DLI is limited to current TAMU-CC faculty members.

Our first event for the CoP: Digital Learning & Innovation will be an eRead Club, a virtual book club.

Faculty Summer eRead Club 2019

The inaugural eRead club is an informal, cross-disciplinary gathering of TAMU-CC faculty who meet to discuss their subjective interpretations of a variety of books related to digital learning and innovation in higher education.  The goal of the eRead Club is for it to become one of the most reflective, intellectual and personal experiences faculty have at TAMU-CC.

  • Applications for registration will open June 28, 2019 and close July 5, 2019 at 5:00pm. The eRead club program will begin July 8, 2019.
  • Registration will be conducted on a first-come-first-served basis.
    • Limit of 15 participants.
    • Each participant will receive a $150 stipend at the end of the program.
      • Frequent participant and submission of at least 3 recommended application ideas gathered from the reading/discussions will be required for payment. [This will be discussed further during the introductory module of the club.]
  • This instance of the eRead Club will focus on one book and will last between 4-5 weeks.
    • The program will consist of 3-4 virtual meetings via Webex, and
    • The program will utilize the Blackboard Learn environment for discussion/participation activities
  • Faculty who agree to participate will be provided a complimentary e-copy of the book.
  • The eRead Club will be facilitated fully online by a member of the Office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies (ODELT) staff or an affiliated faculty member.
  • How do eRead Club discussions work?
    • Each eRead Club week will have a moderator who manages the online discussions as well as the virtual meetings.
    • The moderator will pose questions to the group, share relevant articles and encourage conversation about topics in the book.
    • This format allows for ongoing conversation and makes it easy for the group to connect with each other.

Book Selection

The Innovator’s Mindset: Empower learning, unleash talent and lead a culture of creativity by George Couros


In The Innovator's Mindset, George Couros encourages teachers and administrators to empower their learners to wonder, to explore--and to become forward-thinking leaders. If we want innovative students, we need innovative educators. In other words, innovation begins with you. Ultimately, innovation is not about a skill set: it's about a mindset.


Feel free to send an email with any questions to and we will be happy to help!

The eRead Club has reached full capacity.
Registration is now closed.