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Examity is not compatible with Chromebook, Tablets, or Smart-Phones.

To protect the integrity of their online exams instructors may:

Instructors who are considering using test-proctoring in their course(s) need to include the following statement to their syllabus:

Courses may require the use of exam-proctoring involving third party charges. Exam-proctoring charges may range from $1 - $50.00 per exam. Students may be required to schedule exams at least 24 hours in advance or incur late scheduling charges. All costs for exams are the responsibility of the student. Students may also be responsible for providing webcams to be used in test proctoring. 


examity logo and link We are pleased to announce the partnership between TAMU-CC and Examity, a recognized leader in remote test proctoring. Our relationship offers students a secure and convenient way to take online exams.  You will have the flexibility to select from 5 levels of online test security and tailor the test environment to meet your specifications.

TAMU-CC needs Examity to ensure the integrity of online exams and protect our accreditation.  Examity will help us maintain standards across all classes, regardless of format. This is a critical factor in the success of our online education strategy.  Additionally, Examity is fully ADA-compliant, so all students may take advantage of the service.

Examity is integrated with Blackboard.  You may access Examity directly from Blackboard, without the hassle of another username and password.  It also means that before using Examity for the first time, all pertinent information will be imported into the system for you, including class enrollment.

Examity is fully transparent.  Feel free to track when students take tests and review video recordings from any test session.  Examity will provide you with incident reports if a student is caught cheating.

Faculty Timeline for Examity

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Student Pricing
FairExam Level "Pay as you go"
First Hour Price
"Pay as you go"
Additional Hour(s) Price
Level AA: Auto-Athenitication N/A N/A
Level LA: Live-Authentication $6 N/A
Level 1: Auto-Proctoring $9 $3/hour
Level 2: Record and Review Proctoring $12 $5/hour
Level 3: Live Proctoring $15 $7/hour

Examity Setup in Blackboard

  • Password-protect your test(s).
  • Open (or create new) Examity link in the menu.
  • Send an email to with your course Bb name/designation, titles of exams, dates, and approximate number of students.
  • Advise students to schedule their test(s) with Examity as soon as possible.

Other Test Proctoring Sites/Services:

1. TAMU-CC Office of Academic Testing.

2. Testing centers in Texas -

3. Testing centers at universities, colleges, schools -

  • National College Testing Association is dedicated to the promotion of professionalism and quality in the administration of testing services and programs, including issues relating to test administration, test development, test scoring and assessment
  • Kryterion Testing Centers - A global network of High-stakes Online Secured Testing (HOST) locations through strategic partnerships with professional organizations such as colleges and universities, and testing and training companies -

4. Participating libraries, Sylvan Learning Centers , etc.

5. Individual proctors, with instructor's approval - supervisors, directors, military officers, law enforcement officers, judges, deans and department chairs, school administrators and teachers. Proctors MAY NOT BE relatives, friends, other students, or persons residing at the same address.