Competency-Based Education (CBE) Program for BS Mechanical Engineering Technology   


Funded by the College for All Texans Foundation, TAMU-CC is building an online, competency-based Mechanical Engineering Technology undergraduate degree program. The goal is to fill the regional need for engineers by providing an affordable degree.  

Anticipated date of offering:

Fall 2018. Please contact the Texas A&M University Department of Engineering with iinquiries.

Program description:

The competency-based education (CBE) program will allow students to receive credit based on their demonstration of skills learned. For some courses they will be able to take prior learning assessments (PLAs) to earn college credit for learning that they have acquired outside of a formal college course. When a student demonstrates the competencies for a specific course, the student passes the course. When all competencies for the degree have been demonstrated, the student receives the degree. The CBE MCET program will first be offered for upper-division, junior and senior year courses. Once a student has completed the first two years of a traditional MCET BS program, the student may opt for the CBE MCET program. Most of the courses in the competency-based MCET degree program may be completed online.

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