Continuity of Learning for Instructors

Getting Ready Before Evacuation: How to Create and Upload Multimedia to Blackboard

  1. Narrate PowerPoint Files
  2. Capture Video with Camtasia
  3. Uploading to Youtube
  4. Captioning Youtube Videos
  5. Use WebEx to Record and Archive Video Conferences
  6. Manage Access to Files, Folders, or Media Objects in Blackboard
  7. Student Guide to Continuity of Learning in the Event of Campus Closure
    Instructor Guide to Continuity of Learning in the Event of Campus Closure

Using Blackboard in the Event of Campus Closure

TAMU-Corpus Christi’s Blackboard Learning Management System allows you to continue to teach your course or courses in the event of a campus evacuation or closure. Below are some steps and information to help you place your course online so that you can continue to teach in the event the campus closes.

I. Getting started and locating your course online:

  1. Prepare your computer for Blackboard in order for you to be able to utilize all the features available with your online course. Visit the the Office of Distance of Education Blackboard Technical Requirements page for information on how to get your computer prepared, read all the Steps to Prepare Your Computer for Blackboard.
  2. Locate the Bb version of your course by opening up a browser and navigating to the TAMUCC Blackboard website (
    Log in using your Active Directory information. (your User ID and Password that you use to log onto a campus computer or email) Locate your course/s in the list of courses that you teach and open one you wish to work on. Use the Blackboard Interface guide to help you log in and navigate Blackboard.

II. Guides to help you get your online course prepared for student use with needed interactions to engage learning:

  • For short-term campus closure
    1. Adding Announcements: Use Blackboard's announcements to update students on important things happening in the course. Reassure your students that they can continue learning by logging into your course at . Once they are logged into Blackboard, they can locate your course in the course listing and continue learning.
    2. Sending messages and email: Use Blackboard's communication tools to keep in contact with your students using the email and messaging feature in Blackboard.
    3. Adding a Syllabus: One of the essential components of an online course is the class syllabus. Upload a copy of your syllabus to your course so students will know what is expected of them in the course.
  • Long-Term Campus Closure
    1. Course Organization
      The more organized your online class is the easier it will be for your students to use. Begin by mapping out your course content. Use the Course Mapping guide to help guide you.
    2. Adding Content: (Notes, lessons, PowerPoint, instructions) Use Blackboard's content tools to add content and organize a variety of media items such as text, graphics, videos, audio, files and links to create an interactive lesson to help your students succeed. Use the guides below to help you add content to your course.
    3. Creating and Managing Interactive Tools: Use Blackboard’s interactive tools to involve students in class discussions and other forms of interactions to help promote learning.
    4. Creating Assignments: Use Blackboard’s assignment tool to create activities and have the students submit it within Blackboard to be graded and recorded into the gradebook.
    5. Creating Assessments: Use Blackboard’s assessment tool to create quizzes and exams to be graded and recorded into the gradebook.

III. Additional Blackboard resources available to help you get your course prepared:

  • Academic Digital Resource Center (A-DRC) - your one-stop shop for digital resources designed to empower you when digitizing your curriculum. The A-DRC was created in response to faculty requests for centralized resources pertinent to academic instructions.  This resource center includes:
    • a catalog of resources on a variety of pedagogical and technical topics,
    • on-demand training videos and how-to guides,
    • discussion community to support interdisciplinary collaboration and foster idea sharing, and
    • a schedule of professional development opportunities available throughout the academic year.
  • Blackboard general help - While logged into your online course shell, click the Blackboard Help link found on the bottom left Control Panel menu.
  • Office of Distance Education staff will make every effort to support you as you continue to teach your students in the event of campus closure. The best way to contact staff during campus closure would be through email. Please phone the office under normal conditions at (361) 825-2122 if you have questions or need help.

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