Certificates Program


The Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Certificates program is offered to support instructors as they integrate technologies into their courses to improve instruction and provide students with highly engaging learning experiences as well as flexible scheduling.

Instructors can earn their certificates in a number of ways. We offer a week-long workshop series several times a year. We deliver the series in Face-to-Face workshops across the Fall semester and again across the Spring semester.

December 17-18, 2018 - Workshops

And, we deliver the program as an intensive online course. We will also offer the program on demand for a big enough group. Instructors do not have to commit to learning in just one of the above ways. Rather they can flexibly combine the above offerings in any way to ultimately receive credit for the entire program. We welcome instructors in any single workshop at any time.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Improve and increase opportunities for faculty professional development and ongoing support for effective teaching in online courses.
  • Support TAMU-CC’s strategic plan by ensuring the quality of online courses, along with increasing our potential for continuity of learning in the event of an evacuation.
  • Ensure that TAMU-CC meets HECB and SACS standards for distance education by providing faculty support services related to distance education and appropriate development for faculty who teach in online programs.

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ODELT Certificate Programs

Certificate of Professional Development
in Best Practices for Online Course Design

[required for all new faculty]

Certificate of Course Design
and Development

Certificate of Course Delivery
and Peer-Review

Take 26 workshops on teaching in Blackboard, online andragogy, and online course development.

You have several options to obtain this certificate - choose the option that best suits your schedule.

Option 1. Attend the Certificate Workshops series. Open links below for detailed schedules and registration links. 

August 2018 series
Schedule  -   Registration

Drop-ins are welcome in all or  any one specific session. Laptops are required. Please, bring your own or contact  odelt@tamucc.edu (x2122) to request one for the session.

Option 2. On-demand with a big enough group. Please email  odelt@tamucc.edu to request this option.

Option 3. Instructors can receive credit for prior learning. Please review the  Process for Credit for Prior Learning in Online Teaching.

Develop a 3-credit hour course in Blackboard designated as I, B, E, or C.

The course must have the appropriate registrar’s designation in the course schedule.

Additional information and submission instructions are located in  iTeach-Online (Bb course) --> Certificates Program --> Certificate of Course Design and Development. 

The office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies will use this  course review form to review submitted courses. 

Participate in online course peer-review while teaching your course.  

Review a peer’s course while he or she teaches it; a peer reviews your course while you teach it. You mentor each other in your course design and delivery.

Additional information and submission instructions are located in  iTeach-Online (Bb course) --> Certificates Program --> Certificate of Course Delivery and Peer Review.

Instructors will submit two of the  Peer-Review forms: one as a reviewer and one as being reviewed.