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What is Blackboard?Blackboard logo

Blackboard is a web-based learning management system (LMS) designed to support fully online courses or provide a space for face-to-face course supplementation.  Blackboard provides many types of tools and features for enriching the learning experience.

How does it work?

Blackboard provides a space for each course taught each semester.  Student enrollments and faculty assignments are handled automatically by the system.  A fully functional course space, called a “shell,” provides tools for displaying content, interacting with students, and assessing students’ work and supports various media types for creating engaging content. Blackboard can be used for:

  • Uploading the syllabus and maintaining confidential students grades  through interactive grade center
  • Providing space for digital assignment submission and instructor feedback
  • Engaging students and instructors in discussions, blogs, wikis, and other interactive tools
  • Adding audio and video content

How to login to Blackboard?

- Access Bb at 
- Login through the Central Authentication Service (CAS) to have access to Blackboard and other services available.
- Use your active directory username and password (like Outlook).

How to use Blackboard?

Blackboard Technical Requirements: To ensure your computer runs properly in Blackboard on either PC or MAC, take the following steps for preparation: Prepare Your Computer for Blackboard.

  • NOTE:  Your computer may operate fine without preparation; however, the steps will ensure optimal performance.
  • Technical Help - If you are having difficulties contact the Helpdesk at (361) 825-2692 or submit a ticket via email to

Online Resources

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