Anytime, Anywhere Access

The Division of Information Technology is proud to launch the Anytime, Anywhere Access (AAA) initiative. The initiative is designed to support an environment where the university community can perform work, access resources, teach, learn, and conduct research regardless of location or device. Beyond implications for meeting expectations of a new generation of students and employees, the Anytime Anywhere Access initiative will improve academic and business continuity, mobility, and inclusive access while creating a more robust infrastructure for digital learning.

As part of the AAA, ODELT will be providing the following support services to assist our faculty as they prepare for a possible transition from delivering instructions in a face-to-face classroom to a virtual environment.

More detailed Anytime, Anywhere Access information are available to you based on your role at TAMU-CC.  To proceed, click the Faculty, Student or Staff button below, whichever best matches your primary role at the university.



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