National Distance Learning Week (NDLW)

NDLW 2018 @ TAMU-CC has concluded and contest winners identified. Students can still nominate faculty for Digital Innovator of the Year Award.

Office 365 is Here

Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi provides the latest version of Microsoft Office productivity suite to every student, faculty, and staff. Below are some resources to aid your use of the tools and to learn what's new for the applications available in Office 365.


Blackboard Attendance

Instructors now have an easy to use tool for taking attendance.  With the Blackboard Attendance feature, you can mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused. Activating the Attendance feature creates an Attendance column in the Grace Center enabling use attendance as part of calculating grades just as you can for an assignment grade column.

Funded Development

College for All Texas logo

Drs. David Bridges and Lauren Cifuentes were awarded $170,000 from the College for All Texans Foundation and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to create an affordable competency-based online baccalaureate program in Mechanical Engineering Technology. More information is available on the funded development page.